I want to program the new Help system

The New Help system was desigend to migrate our legacy Help pages and its recento updates to be displayed in the system's default browser.


Since the birth of OpenOffice.org, the help content has relied in a set of tools developed internally. In particular, the display of the help pages is done by a XSLT transform of XML files in a primitive browser with very few graphic, multimedia and rendering resources.

The objective of this project is to replace the local help application into a modern browser with the 2016's web technology. The advantages are many:

  • Use modern system's browser to display the help content.
  • Add modern resources such as Javascript, multimedia, SVG, GIFs into the local help content for better user experience.
  • Build bridges to make the help content available to on-line servers, with the same capabilities of the local help.
  • Ease the access of the community in contributing to help content.


The new Help has been released since LiberOffice Version 6 and is in constant evolution and fixes. The set of task to execute is registered in our bugzilla.

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