I want to update LibreOffice Help contents

Welcome and thank you in advance for helping us. We have a choice of topics to write about: take a look at this page and pick one subject you are familiar with or want to develop contents.

Tips for a LibreOffice help page:

  • It does not have copyrighted contents, never.
  • It is concise and precise.
  • Its images must be neutral with respect to languages.
  • It has examples or use cases
  • It has internal or external references.

There are two ways to contribute to our help pages.

The very easy way, for newcomers

Short summary: Write a help page in a LibreOffice document and send it to us. We will turn it into a help page, freeing you of the internals of creating a XML help page.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Download this example of a help page template into your computer
  2. Open it in LibreOffice
  3. Insert contents by following the instructions in the document
  4. Review spelling and grammar, check readability
  5. Send the document to us. Mail it to documentation at libreoffice dot org.

The not so easy way

Short summary: Edit the XML strings directly. Knowledge of the LibreOffice help system is necessary.

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